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All patterns are demonstrated by Miss Julia Cross 5th Degree. She is a six-time ITF Taekwon-Do World Champion and 15 time European Champion. Julia Cross is the only person, male or female, ever to achieve six world titles in ITF Taekwon-Do.

Footage of the basic movements required for grading and the full pattern. It shows the whole pattern at full speed and slowed down to half speed. It also shows the second half of the pattern viewed from the opposite side.

Saju Jirugi & Saju Makgi Full pattern @1:40

Chon Ji Full pattern @1:05

Dun Gun Full pattern @1:01

Do San Full pattern @1:05

Won Hyo Full pattern @1:54

Yul Gok Full pattern @1:43

Joong Gun Full pattern @2:39

Toi Gye Full pattern @2:15

Hwa Rang Full pattern @1:40

Choong Moo - to come