Sunday, April 7, 2013

Corey Hunter

Occupation: Apprentice Joiner 
Belt: 1st Degree
Promoted 1st Dan: December 2010 
Began Taekwon Do: 2006

Why did you start doing Taekwon-Do? Joined with my family, Mum wanted me to learn how to defend myself

Why do you still train now? I enjoy training and it keeps me fit. 

Do you have any plans for your future in Taekwon-Do? Possibly trial for another world champs in the future. 

Favourite Aspect of The Martial Arts: Sparring

Highlights Along The Way:2010 attended the US Open in Orlando, came home with 2 x seconds and a 4th trophy. 2011 world champs in Wellington, receiving my gold medal for team power. 

Major Influences In Taekwon Do:Luke Thompson, DJ Thompson

Greatest Rewards: Winning, friendships made over the past few years.

Future Goals:Another world champs

Final Words:Train hard to reach your goals.....