Monday, January 5, 2009


Parent Information - Peewee Class

Joining Application

Warm up - what you can do when you get to class early

Xtreme Syllabus 

The 2014 adults and kids versions contain the following updates from the 2010 edition:
  • Korean counting added to 9th gup syllabus
  • New Self-defence syllabus added to each grade
  • Basic stance measurements added to 8th gup
  • 2 Step Sparring added to 6th & 5th gup
  • Some step sparring examples changed
  • Terminology CD no longer included - audio files are now available on the itkd website.
Click here to see changes in green.

 for 9th gups (white belts) that have not received their handbook

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Pre 2013
Self Defence
Step Sparring