Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Peewee Classes

Peewees are children 5 - 10 years
Children classes are specifically the program has less repetition and has more variety of training drills to allow children to get the most out of training. Children benefit from an environment that will allow themselves to progress in their own time in a controlled and disciplined atmosphere, teaching them to focus their mind on a particular task, improving concentration and gaining skills.


TermTraining Fees:
$115.00 per student

10% discount if paid within the first 3 weeks of the term

Registrations for the Year:

$34.00 per individual - re-registration only (if you were registered last year) 
$67.00 per family - re-registration only (if your family was registered last year) 
$67.00 per individual – new student
$111.00 per family – new family 
Includes ITKD Membership card, Syllabus handbook, Taekwon-Do Talk Magazine, and car sticker.

Grading Fees:
There is no fee for PeeWees grading in the mini-kids syllabus.

Please see here for grading fees once they have completed the mini-kids syllabus.