Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Luke Thompson

Occupation: Principal at Paerata School in Pukekohe
Belt: 3rd Degree
Promoted 1st Dan: November 1998
Began Taekwon Do: 1994

Why did you start doing Taekwon-Do?
I use to watch a lot of kung fu movies when I was a kid and wanted to get involved in a martial art I went and had a look at various style and clubs until I came across Taekwon-Do

Why do you still train now?
I like to teach and pass on what experience I have. There is nothing better than seeing someone you have trained in the ring doing really well and pushing them to become better.

Do you have any plans for your future in Taekwon-Do?
At the moment I want to focus on my club and developing and watch my students grow in Taekwon-Do.

Favourite Aspect of The Martial Arts:
The training, the way of life, friendships you develop, the travelling... the list goes on.

Highlights Along The Way:
Recipient of SPARC Performance Enhancement Grant 2010
Recipient of SPARC Performance Enhancement Grant 2009
Recipient of SPARC Performance Enhancement Grant 2008
Counties Manukau Sportsman of the Year 2007
Maori Sportsman of the Year Nominee 2007
Maori World Champion of the Year 2007
Maori World Champion of the Year 2010

Results from World Champs and World Cup.

2011 - 17th World Championships – Wellington, New Zealand
Gold – Individual Powerbreaking
Gold - Pre Arranged Sparring
Gold - Team Powerbreaking   
2009 – 16th World Championships – Mar Del Plata, Argentina
Gold – Individual Powerbreaking
Silver - Pre Arranged Sparring
Silver - Team Power Breaking
2008 – 3rd World Cup – Riva Del Garda, Italy 
Gold - Pre Arranged Sparring
2007 – 15th World Championships – Quebec, Canada
Gold - Pre Arranged Sparring
Gold - Individual Powerbreaking
Bronze – Team Patterns
Bronze – Team Powerbreaking
2005 14th World Championships – Dortmund, Germany
Silver – Individual Powerbreaking
Bronze – Team Powerbreaking

Major Influences In Taekwon Do:
My first instructor Browine Kingi, great mentor, and trainer I owe a lot of who I am to this man.

Greatest Rewards:
Seeing my students succeed.

Future Goals:
Be happy and always push myself.

Final Words:
Lead by example, and never walk out of the ring thinking "what if."