Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Candice Millar

Occupation: Medical Sales Rep
Belt: 1st Degree
Promoted 1st Dan: May 2006
Began Taekwon Do: 2002

Why did you start doing Taekwon-Do?
Because my parents wanted me to be able to protect myself.

Why do you still train now?
Because it feels good.

Do you have plans for your future in Taekwon-Do?
Future World Champs and higher Black Belt degrees.

Favourite aspect of the Martial Arts:

Highlights along the way:
Junior World Champs, sparring and finally beating my sister.

Major Influences In Taekwon-Do:
Luke Thompson, Steve Pellow, DJ Thompson and Mark Trotter.

Greatest Rewards:
My Black Belt grading at the Buddist Temple and meeting people.

Future Goals:
Working on my patterns and getting them up to competition standard to compete.

Final Words:
Do it your way