Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Grading Results
Congratulations Xtreme you all did well at your last grading and I am very happy with your results.

All the hard work and the effort you have put in over the year has really paid off.

Liam Collo - 3rd Gup
Max Brunsdon - 4th Gup
Steadfast Sutrisno 4th Gup
Braith Halliday - 4th Gup
Kyuss McDowall - 4th Gup
Ria Sutrisno - 4th Gup
Eddie Lehrle - 4th Gup
William Brambley - 5th Gup
Taylor Snijder - 6th Gup
Thomas Eyton - 6th Gup
Will Ewen - 6th Gup
Travis Judd - 7th Gup
Korbin Green - 7th Gup
Jayden Shaw - 7th Gup
Cayden Taylor - 9th Gup
Jye Paruru - 9th Gup
Jimmy Johnson - 9th Gup
James Mitchell - 9th Gup
Lucas Wong - 9th Gup
Nathan Brown - 9th Gup

A Pass
Xavier Burger - 4th Gup
Tamaryn Lee - 4th Gup
Ali Sina Allahyar - 5th Gup
James Johnson - 6th Gup
Casey Halliday - 6th Gup
Ali Sajad Allahyar - 7th Gup
Madison Jacobsen - 7th Gup
Rachel Burrows-Chatwin - 9th Gup
Savan McDowall - 9th Gup

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