Wednesday, October 28, 2020

May Grading Results 2017

Congratulations to all Xtreme students who gave it their all at grading on Monday and Wednesday night. 

Results are:

3rd - 2nd Gup 
Blue belt/red stripe - Red belt 
John Halliday 
Kayles Holmes-Albert

5th - 4th Gup 
Green belt/blue stripe - Blue belt 
Nikita Gillon
Lucas Hitchmough  

7th - 6th Gup 
Yellow belt/green stripe - Green belt 
William Brambley
Taylor Bennett
Liam Collo 
Seth Snijder 
Sebastian Bezuidenhout 
Adam Kelly
Alex Mathieson
Rikky Burrows-Chatwin
Eddie Lehrle

8th - 7th Gup 
Yellow belt - Yellow belt/green stripe
Eru Stirling
Steadfast Sutrisno
Xavier Burger
Wiremu Kaiwai

10th - 9th Gup 
White belt - White belt/yellow stripe
Finley Taylor-Gill
Chloe Lee
Jake Burrows-Chatwin
Casey Halliday
Jamie Van de Westerlo

A Passes 
8th - 7th Gup 
Yellow belt - Yellow belt/green stripe
Taylor Snijder 

9th - 10th Gup 
White belt/yellow stripe - Yellow belt
Tamaryn Lee
Josh Mathieson 

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