Wednesday, October 28, 2020

April 2016 Grading Results

Congrats to all members that graded. You all did very well and at a high standard. 

Alex Mathieson - 7th Gup - Green Stripe 
William Brambley – 8th Gup – Yellow Belt
Liam Collo – 8th Gup – Yellow Belt
Rikky Burrows-Chatwin – 8th Gup – Yellow Belt
Eddie Lehrle – 8th Gup – Yellow Belt
Jolene Rodley – 9th Gup – Yellow Stripe
Max Brunsdon – 9th Gup – Yellow Stripe
Xavier Burger – 9th Gup – Yellow Stripe
Wiremu Kaiwai – 9th Gup – Yellow Stripe
Spencer Jaques – 9th Gup – Yellow Stripe
Madi Jaques – 9th Gup – Yellow Stripe

A Pass
Nicholas Strickland - 7th Gup - Green Stripe

Update Syllabus 
You can see and download a pdf of the changes to the syllabus under the downloads section of the website. Please contact us if you would like to purchase the new syllabus handbook, self-defence handbook or pattern workout book.

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